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Some Snow Is...

Ellen Yeomans

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Hardback (BB)
01 Dec 2019
32 pages - 216 x 254 x 8mm


Some snow is First Snow, we’ve waited for so long snow. Is it really snow snow or only heavy rain? Starting with the thrill and excitement over the first flakes falling from the sky, we follow three young neighbours enjoying all types of snow through the season. From sleet and fluff snow that isn’t good for anything to angel snow, snowball snow, driveway snow (which can lead to the best forts), tracking snow, sledding snow, snow day snow, and all the way to the last snow which is exciting in its own way: Soon, soon, all gone snow. We’ve waited for so long snow. Please, please, no more snow. Our bikes are whispering. Beautiful verse and evocative energetic illustrations perfectly hit all the right exciting and cosy notes that children will savour every winter!
The Other Ducks 9781626725027
Lyrical poetry and stunning paintings showcase the surprise, the fun, and the beauty of everyone’s favourite winter adventure: snow!
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