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Dan Yaccarino's Happyland

Rainy Day: A Little Moral Story About Worry

Dan Yaccarino

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Board book
01 Sep 2016
22 pages - 146 x 146 x 6mm
Dan Yaccarino's Happyland

Rainy Day is a book about worry and how good it feels to let it go - perfect for kids who are anxious about the weather, their first day at school or making a new friend.

Parents and kids know Dan Yaccarino from his prodigious career in children's entertainment, which includes over three dozen books and three hit television shows: Oswald, The Backyardigans and the Emmy winning Willa's Wild Life. Now the ALA and Parent's Choice Award winning author and illustrator has created three brand new board books perfect to get every preschool kid ready for preschool.

Meet Bink, Glub-Glub and Clyde three friends and residents of Happyland. Each book in the series follows their adventures and illustrates one of three key emotional concepts - worry, gratitude and sharing to help children with their social and emotional development and ready them for preschool. They are the perfect parables: engaging, entertaining and never smug or sanctimonious.

GOOD NIGHT, MR. RIGHT ISBN 9780152053512 and EVERY FRIDAY ISBN 9780805077247

A new board book series by acclaimed, bestselling author Dan Yaccarino, which features three best friends - Bink, Glub-Glub and Clyde who live out delightful and charming moral stories for preschoolers. Rainy Day teaches kids to worry less and enjoy the moment more.

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