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Pocket Piggies: Opposites!: Featuring the Teacup Pigs of Pennywell Farm

Richard Austin

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Board book
01 Mar 2016
22 pages - 160 x 145 x 10mm

With bright, colourful full-bleed photographs and simple text, Pocket Piggies Opposites! is a delightful way for young children to learn about these early childhood concepts. There’s “Messy” (piggy splattered with paint) and “Clean” (piggy taking a bubble bath). “Cold” (piggy playing in the snow) and “Hot” (piggy building a sand castle on the beach). “Quiet” (piggy hiding bashfully in a leaf pile) and “Loud” (a quartet of piggies banging on a tiny piano). And more, all lovingly photographed by Richard Austin, Pennywell’s exclusive animal photographer.

9780761179795 Pocket Piggies: Numbers!, 9780761181460 Pocket Piggies: Colours!

The Pocket Piggies are back in their third irresistible board book for babies and toddlers. This time illustrating the concept of opposites in their own inimitably adorable way. The star residents of Pennywell Farm in Devon, England, pocket pigs (also known as teacup pigs) are tiny enough to fit in the palm of a hand, and they love posing for the camera as much as the camera loves them.

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