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Peel Discover

Peel & Discover: Horses

Workman Publishing

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Paperback (BC)
19 Feb 2019
26 pages - 262 x 214 x 4mm
Peel Discover


A sticker book that transforms into your own horse stable as you use it! Designed for children ages 6 and up, Sticky Facts uses cutting-edge sticker technology so that as kids peel off a sticker of a horse, a fun fact is revealed underneath! But the fun doesn’t stop there - kids can place each sticker on an interactive page to create a book they will cherish forever. Do you know how soon a horse can run after it is born? Peel away the foal sticker, and underneath you'll find out that they can run within a few hours after they're born! Then personalise your book by placing the sticker on the page about your favourite horses or using it to create a barn scene. Once every sticker is peeled off, peel the remaining overlay for a book that is still beautifully designed, colourful, information-rich, and full of diagrams, and facts to read again and again. Inside Sticky Facts: Horses you’ll find: · Over 200 stickers of horses of all sizes and breeds along with saddles, bridles, jumps, and treats! · Tons of up-to-date, incredible facts and figures about horses and their amazing jobs · 14 activity pages where you can place your stickers and record your own equine journey · Includes extra stickers to decorate the pages, swap with family and friends, or use for crafting
A sticker book unlike any other! 1) Read a question about a horse. 2) Peel off the corresponding colour sticker. 3) Reveal a fun fact underneath. 4) Place the sticker on the facing activity page to create a book of facts and images that can be read again and again.
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