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Peel Discover

Peel & Discover: Dinosaurs

Workman Publishing

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Paperback (BC)
19 Feb 2019
26 pages - 262 x 214 x 4mm
Peel Discover


A sticker book that transforms into your own dinosaur dig as you use it! Designed for children ages 6 and up, Sticky Facts uses cutting-edge sticker technology so that as kids peel off a sticker of a dinosaur, a fun fact is revealed underneath! But the fun doesn’t stop there - kids can place each sticker on an interactive page to create a book they will cherish forever. Do you know how wide the Allosaurus could open its jaws? Peel away the dino’s sticker, and underneath you'll find out that they could open their jaws almost three feet to swallow prey whole! Then personalise your book by placing the sticker on the page about your favourite dinosaurs or using it to create a dinosaur fight scene. Once every sticker is peeled off, peel the remaining overlay for a book that is still beautifully designed, colourful, information-rich, and full of diagrams, and facts to read again and again. Inside Sticky Facts: Dinosaurs you’ll find: · Over 200 stickers of prehistoric animals, plants, fossils, and, of course - dinosaurs big and small! · Tons of up-to-date, incredible facts and figures about dinosaur life and discoveries · 14 activity pages where you can place your stickers and record your own journey through time · Includes extra stickers to decorate the pages, swap with family and friends, or use for crafting
A sticker book unlike any other! 1) Read a question about a dinosaur. 2) Peel off the corresponding colour sticker. 3) Reveal a fun fact underneath. 4) Place the sticker on the facing activity page to create a book of facts and images that can be read again and again.
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