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Paint by Sticker

Paint by Sticker Kids: Halloween

Workman Publishing

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Paperback (BC)
01 Sep 2019
34 pages - 228 x 228 x 2mm
Paint by Sticker


In Halloween kids can create 10 spooky (but not scary!) Halloween-themed illustrations - best of all, using glow-in-the dark stickers to make them even more vivid. There are jack-o'-lanterns, a witch, and a mummy, plus a pair of friendly ghosts. This is a quiet, hands-on, no-mess activity that as a bonus is a calming, helpful way to practice recognising and learning numbers outside the classroom. The way it works is simple: Find the numbered sticker, peel it, and place it in the right space. Add the next, and the next - and see the images come to life in the “low-poly” style that uses geometric shapes. Since the card-stock pages are perforated, artwork can be easily removed so kids can hang them up as decorations, or proudly display them on the fridge.
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The more and more popular-every-season activity for kids meets the magic of the holidays! With a combined 1.19 million copies in print, the Paint by Stickers: Kids series combines the joy of colouring and stickers with the creativity of paint by number, resulting in vibrant art. Now introducing two two new titles will get kids excited for perennially festive fun.
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