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Paint by Sticker

Paint by Sticker Kids: Easter: Create 10 Pictures One Sticker at a Time

Workman Publishing

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Paperback (BC)
15 Feb 2022
34 pages - 228 x 228 x 2mm
Paint by Sticker


It's a genuine phenomenon: Paint by Sticker Kids books provides hours of creative, mess-free, and screen-free fun around topics that kids love. And at the end of it, kids - and their proud parents - have wonderful works of art to display or give away. Paint by Sticker Kids: Easter is a delightful way to celebrate the spring holiday and its inherent colorful cuteness. Kids can sticker a clutch of yellow chicks, a frolicking lamb, a basket of colourful eggs - and, of course, the Easter bunny! It’s the perfect gift to pop in an Easter basket.
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Celebrate Easter with Paint by Sticker Kids! Peel the sticker, place the sticker, and make 10 bright and lively sticker paintings, including Easter bunnies, baskets, and spring flowers. All fun, no mess! Paint by Sticker: Kids books have more than 1.8 million copies in print.
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