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One Small Step Can Change Your Life

Robert Maurer

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01 May 2014
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One Small Step is for anyone who wants to lose weight, secure a promotion, find satisfying work, live a healthier lifestyle, find the love of his or her life-and more. How? Through the practice of kaizen-small steps for continual improvement, an easy, painless method for enacting change in any area of one's life. The philosophy is credited for the vast strides made in post war Japan's economy, and as such the term is most often associated in the West with the business world. One Small Step (first published 2004), on the other hand, blends such corporate tips with a unique focus on kaizen's application in everyday life.

Anyone who's ever tried to make a change knows how hard it can be. This is because our primal brain sets off alarm bells whenever we want to deviate from our usual, safe routines. Small steps circumvent the brain's resistance to new behaviour, sidestepping the fear response and enabling you to create new habits in small, gentle, eminently manageable increments. So instead of implementing an exercise regimen by determining to run five miles on the first day, start by marching in front of the TV during commercial breaks instead. It may seem silly, but by setting a goal you know you can achieve (you should feel as certain of success as you are "that the sun will come up tomorrow," says Dr. Maurer), you'll set yourself on the path to results.

One Small Step can Change Your Life (Hardcover) 9780761129233

One Small Step Can Change Your Life is the bestselling guide (98,000 copies in print) to the practice of kaizen--taking small, gradual steps to achieve lasting improvement in every area of your life. With a fresh new cover, smaller paperback format, and impulse price, it's now positioned as a self-help book to reach a whole new readership of people perennially hungry for change. Dr. Maurer writes with authority, backing up the kaizen method with solid scientific research. With 16 pages of updates, One Step Small is poised to take one giant leap forward into a wider, eager-as-ever readership.

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