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No Barriers: A Blind Man's Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon

Erik Weihenmayer, Buddy Levy, Bob Woodruff

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01 Mar 2017
480 pages - 236 x 155 x 29mm


No Barriers is about my journey since coming down from Everest 15 years ago, and the path to where I am today. It is the story of my own life - the ups and downs both personal and professional but also the many people I’ve encountered who possess what I call a “No Barriers” mindset, who live a No Barriers life. It’s about people who give those around them the courage to do great things. People who have risked failure, transcended their personal barriers, and shown others a way forward: scientists and innovators and technologists and artists and musicians and activists and soldiers.

No Barriers is a way of living, and it lives in all of us. I think there is something inside all of us, a kind of light. But sometimes - through injury, disease, tragedy, mental illness, and trauma - people get shoved into a dark place, and that light is almost extinguished. A lot of times, making hard choices is what feeds that light, and becomes the energy we need to propel us forward. This book is about making the hard choices to fuel that light flickering in all of us, so that we can ignite with purpose and become our very best selves.

Bestselling author Erik Weihenmayer, who Jon Krakauer calls “an inspiration,” tells the epic story of his latest adventures, including solo kayaking The Colorado River.

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