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New Shoes

Sara Varon

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Hardback (BB)
01 Mar 2018
Macmillan [1570]
208 pages - 228 x 177 x 15mm


Francis the donkey is the best shoemaker in the village. He uses the finest coconut wood for the soles and wild tiger grass for the uppers. Best of all, he embroiders the shoes with colorful designs and patterns. One day he receives a very special order - Miss Manatee, calypso queen and Francis's own personal hero, needs a new pair of shoes. But he's all out of tiger grass! To make these shoes, Francis must journey deep into the jungle . . . which means leaving his village for the first time. From star talent Sara Varon (Robot Dreams) comes a new favourite. New Shoes introduces young readers to variety of animals to teach a valuable lesson on embracing other people's differences.
ROBOT DREAMS 9781596431089 and BAKE SALE 9781596434196
From Sara Varon comes a heartwarming tale about a donkey on a quest to make a perfect pair of shoes.
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