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My Thumb

Karen Hesse, Rich Deas

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01 Aug 2016
32 pages - 241 x 185 x 8mm

I love my thumb,

I truly do.

It tastes of pears and carrot stew.

It's like a hug, an "I love you."

My mom hoped in a year or two

there'd be some things that I outgrew,

and some I have, but never you.

Parents worry themselves silly over thumb sucking, but really, what's the big deal? It's tasty. It's comforting. It gets a little soggy. But so what? As pediatricians say, as long as kids aren't sucking their thumbs when they go to college, it's all good. So let's listen to Karen Hesse and let them enjoy their thumbs!

SAFEKEEPING ISBN 9781250068170

A fun picture book ode to sucking your thumb by Newbery Medalist Karen Hesse, with art by Feiwel and Friends creative director Rich Deas!

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