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Movie Speak: How to Talk Like You Belong on a Film Set

Tony Bill

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10 Feb 2009
224 pages - 160 x 111 x 14mm


A Lewinsky? A futz? A cowboy? A Groucho? A Brodkin? A Double Brodkin? The Castle Rock Rule? The phrase 'Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt'? Without the vivid, fascinating, and often hilarious secret language of movie making, much of it rooted in movie history, films could never get made. Film veteran Tony Bill shares his insight and knowledge in more than 450 enlightening straight-from-the-set definitions, while also offering his invaluable advice on film making do's and don'ts in a handful of longer essays on everything from dealing with a difficult actor to movie making in the digital age. This book is essential reading for anyone who's passionate about film, would like to work in film, or already is working there, and wants or needs a Berlitz-like crash course in how to act and speak like a native. And for the thousands of film students in this country alone, Tony Bill provides a window into the exciting, privileged world of movie making and the tools to 'fake it till you make it'.

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