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Moral, Immoral, Amoral: What is Right and What is Wrong?


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01 Apr 2013
192 pages - 210 x 140mm

The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on the most important questions in the life of the individual. Each volume contains timeless and always-contemporary investigations and discussions into questions vital to our personal search for meaning and purpose.

In a global world, we are in search of universal values—values based on a contemporary understanding that unifies us as human beings beyond the divisions of religions, nations, and race. In Moral, Immoral, Amoral, Osho speaks directly to this contemporary search as he introduces us to a quest for values that make sense in the world we live in—a quest that goes far beyond moral codes of behavior and comes from an inner connectivity and oneness with existence.

9780312595500 Living on Your Own Terms, 9781250006233 Fear, 9781250006226 Learning to Silence The Mind, 9780312595470 The Journey of Being Human, 9780312595487 Belief, Doubt, and Fanaticism,

OSHO is one of the most provocative and inspiring spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. He is known for his revolutionary contributions to the science of inner transformation, and the influence of his teachings continues to grow, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.

The seventh book in the Osho Life Essentials series

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