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Mom Milestones: The TRUE Story of the First Seven Years

Grace Farris

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Paperback (BC)
11 Apr 2022
224 pages -


Warmly humorous and told in a playful comic form, Mom Milestones celebrates the journey every mom can relate to, one that begins with one-day-old mom, who may feel like she is learning a new language, and continues through all the milestones of early motherhood, like seven-year-old mom preparing for elementary school. Here are mom’s achievements, significant firsts, and skills learned (how to do a 'playdate,' coax a kid into taking medicine, amuse a group of kindergartners). Mom’s likes (adapting pop songs to lullaby format) and dislikes (emptying the lunchbox and mystery smells). Crafts mom enjoys (no glitter or glue allowed). An ABCs of Motherhood (E is for Ennui). And so it goes, until mom reaches the things-I’ve-already-forgotten-age, when she no longer remembers the highs and lows of potty training.
Baby’s first tooth, baby’s first step, baby’s first word—how lovingly parents mark the milestones of their children. But what about the person who’s doing so much of the heavy lifting—wrangling a swaddle, packing the diaper bag, figuring out how to install and use a car seat? Finally, here’s a book that tracks and commemorates mom’s progress, from Grace Farris, a doctor, cartoonist, and mother of two sons.
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