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Me, Myselfie & I: A Cautionary Tale

Jamie Lee Curtis

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Hardback (BB)
01 Oct 2018
Macmillan [1570]
40 pages - 241 x 279 x 9mm


When her mum becomes obsessed with selfies, a little girl takes matters into her own hands in this charming - and topical - picture book, that is sure to appeal to today's millennial parents. Full of all the heart and humour we've come to expect from Jamie Lee Curtis, this book is sure to delight and will be relatable to both kids and parents. Selfies in dance class selfies while sledding. She even took SELFIES at a stranger's WEDDING! 'Move to my left, Hon, that's not my good side.' My self-obsessed mom makes me want to hide. Million likes later! She's a selfie STAR But I knew it had NOW gone way too far.
This Is Me 9780761180111
Award-winning actress and New York Times bestselling author Jamie Lee Curtis delivers another knockout picture book, full of charm and wit - her first for F&F.
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