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Love Uncensored: 50 Postcards for Your Partner, One-Night Stand, Booty Call, and That Sexy Barista Who Always Remembers Your Name

Workman Publishing

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jan 2018
52 pages - 107 x 152 x 4mm


Get creative and maybe a little naughty with this bright, playful collection of easily removable postcards, perfect for sending in the mail, pinning on your wall or discreetly slipping to a beautiful stranger. Featuring images drawn from the CSA collection, one of the world’s leading modern design resources for pop culture artwork, Love Uncensored blends iconic pop art and a vintage advertising aesthetic with thoroughly modern sentiments: “I really thought this would just be a one night stand.” “When we met, I thought you were gay.” “I’ll bring the blindfold if you bring the handcuffs.” All told, fifty unconventional ways to say “I love you” … or, at least, “It’s complicated.”
How many ways can you say 'I love you?'
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