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Listen to the Lambs: A Novel

Daniel Black

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01 Apr 2017
352 pages - 210 x 140 x 22mm


Nothing can convince Lazarus Love III to return to the lifestyle of affluence and social status he once knew. Longing for a freedom of the soul that the world of capitalism cannot provide, Lazarus leaves all that he knows - including his wife and children - to achieve the ultimate level of peace and silence living as a homeless man. When his quest causes him to cross paths with four other wanderers, all of whom later call themselves “the family,” a shocking, brutal act leaves Lazarus in a dire position and his newfound family must struggle to save him. By doing so, both families - past and present - are redeemed and consequently learn the beauty of sacrificial love.

THEY TELL ME OF A HOME ISBN (Hardback) 9780312341879, (Paperback) 9780312362836, SACRED PLACE THE ISBN (Hardback) 9780312359713, (Paperback) 9780312380700 and TWELVE GATES TO THE CITY ISBN 9781250013613
A powerful, edgy novel from celebrated author Daniel Black, now in trade paperback.
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