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Joy: The Happiness That Comes from within


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02 Feb 2009
Griffin Publishing
192 pages - 210 x 140 x 14mm


What is happiness? It depends on you, on your state of consciousness or unconsciousness, whether you are asleep or awake. There is one famous maxim of Murphy. He says there are two types of people: one who always divides humanity into two types, and the other, who doesn’t divide humanity at all. I belong to the first type: Humanity can be divided into two types, the sleeping ones and the awakened ones—and, of course, a small group in between. Happiness will depend on where you are in your consciousness. If you are asleep, then pleasure is happiness. Pleasure means sensation, trying to achieve something through the body that is not possible to achieve through the body—forcing the body to achieve something it is not capable of. People are trying, in every possible way, to achieve happiness through the body.
Part of 'Insights for a New Way of Living' series, this work presents Osho who shows us that joy is the essence of life and that even unhappiness has its root in joy.
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