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John Wayne Speaks: The Ultimate John Wayne Quote Book

Mark Orwoll

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Hardback (BB)
13 Dec 2021
Griffin Publishing
304 pages - 210 x 137 x 12mm


With more than 1,100 impeccably sourced quotes from throughout John Wayne's 172-film career, John Wayne Speaks: The Ultimate John Wayne Quote Book provides what has often been missing from other Duke Wayne reference books: accuracy, context, and comprehensiveness. The quotations provide a deep dive into Wayne’s films and acting persona—the iconic American man of action whose sense of values and decency are a veneer covering a boiling pot of determination, courage, outrage, and even violence. The quotes in John Wayne Speaks are at once inspirational, humorous, touching, and revealing. Mark Orwoll is one of the world's leading Wayneologists, and has created an overlay of categories into which each quote fits, making the manuscript easy for readers to find the type of quote—or even the exact quote —they may be searching for. In addition to the quotes—some of them one-liners, others lengthy soliloquies, and still others part of longer (and fascinating) dialogue between Wayne and his co-stars— Orwoll has researched and written an in-depth introduction to Wayne's film career, and added capsule reviews and production notes for all of John Wayne's films.
An amazing compilation of John Wayne's statements and sentiments off and on screen, organized and explained in context by one of the world's leading Wayneologists
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