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John Wayne: Lessons for My Children: Personal and Practical Advice for Raising Hardworking, Independent and Honorable Kids

Editors of the Official John Wayne Magazine

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jun 2020
Macmillan [1570]
160 pages - 185 x 127 x 8mm


John Wayne is renowned as having been a larger than life, yet his personal code was a simple one of loyalty, self-reliance, grit, honesty, patriotism and generosity. John Wayne: Lessons for My Children examines how Wayne used his beliefs to raise six lively kids into successful young adults, and how those lessons might be used by readers to help guide their own sons and daughters. Packed with reminiscences and anecdotes from Duke’s children (including a foreword and an afterword), quotes and personal stories from Duke, himself, and analyses of key scenes from Duke’s films, plus hundreds of touching, rousing and inspiring photos from Duke’s family life as well as his films, John Wayne: Lessons for My Children is a perfect gift for dads and Duke fans everywhere. The book itself is a stunning handbook with glossy pages, and a leatherette cover to ensure the book lasts for years and years. The perfect impulse purchase for Father’s Day or any day.
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Dads, both young and old, will be inspired by these anecdotes and quotes to usher their own children along an honorable path to adulthood.
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