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It's Not Easy Being Number Three

Drew Dernavich

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01 Mar 2016
40 pages - 279 x 228 x 9mm

The Number Three is having an identity crisis - there are so many other things he wants to do; why stop at being just a number? He tries being a ship's anchor, the steering wheel of a plane, the wings of a seagull, even a shiny bronze sculpture for all to admire. But none of these jobs feel fulfilling. Will Number Three ever find a job that's just right for him - a job that only he can do?

With echoes of Holt's successful Zero the Hero and the bestselling The Day the Crayons Quit, this clever book celebrates the importance of feeling appreciated for our special talents.

The Number Three wants a new job in this funny picture book from a celebrated New Yorker cartoonist.

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