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Indestructibles: Baby, Find the Shapes!

Amy Pixton

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Paperback (BC)
25 Sep 2019
12 pages - 178 x 178 x 3mm


It’s the little series that goes - and goes and goes and goes, now selling over 900,000 copies a year. Built for the way babies read, Indestructibles engage all their senses during storytime - even their desire to munch! Now from Ekaterina Trukhan, a Russian artist who is new to the series and brings the gift of instantly appealing colour and brightness, comes a new basic concept book just right for babies. In Baby, Find the Shapes! readers can recognize the circles, squares, and triangles they find at home. See the rectangular window! Clocks are circular! Printed on lightweight, non-toxic paperlike material, Indestructibles are rip-proof, chew-proof, gum-proof, and drool-proof, 100% nontoxic and easy to clean - or throw in the dishwasher.
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Baby's favourite book series (rip-proof, drool-proof, and nontoxic - designed for the way babies 'read' with their mouths) now includes concept books! Baby, Find the Shapes! introduces the youngest readers to the shapes they find in the world around them.
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