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Step by Step

Inch by Inch: Book Two Step by Step

Morgan Llywelyn

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Hardback (BB)
01 Sep 2019
Macmillan [1570]
272 pages - 211 x 137 x 22mm
Step by Step


Morgan Llywelyn continues her near-future, apocalyptic thriller trilogy with her signature depth and intimacy of character. In Inch by Inch, book two in the trilogy, the residents of Sycamore River have only just adjusted to the end of the Change. Until the morning people notice that metal starts to behave oddly. It's rotting. The world is pushed into global war, and the small band of Sycamore River survivors only have one another. They have to survive the unthinkable. Llywelyn blends her signature character-driven portrait of small-town life with the appeal of William Fortschen's One Second After.
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Inch By Inch continues the near-future, science fiction thriller trilogy Step by Step from the bestselling author Morgan Llywelyn.
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