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In Another Life

C. C. Hunter

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Hardback (BB)
01 Apr 2019
Macmillan [1570]
352 pages - 211 x 137 x 32mm


From New York Times bestselling author C. C. Hunter comes a new YA thriller about a girl who learns that she may have been kidnapped as a child, and must race to uncover the truth about her past before she winds up a victim. Chloe was three years old when she became Chloe Holden, but her adoption didn’t scar her, and she’s had a great life. Now, fourteen years later, her loving parents’ marriage has fallen apart and her mum has moved them to Joyful, Texas. Starting twelfth grade as the new kid at school, everything Chloe loved about her life is gone. And feelings of déjà vu from her early childhood start haunting her. When Chloe meets Cash Colton she feels drawn to him, as though they're kindred spirits. Until Cash tells her the real reason he sought her out: Chloe looks exactly like the daughter his foster parents lost years ago, and he’s determined to figure out the truth. As Chloe and Cash delve deeper into her adoption, the more things don’t add up, and the more strange things start happening. Why is Chloe’s adoption a secret that people would kill for?
9780312624675 Born at Midnight, 9780312624682 Awake at Dawn, 9780312624699 Taken at Dusk, 9781250035905 This Heart of Mine, 9781250081001 Almost Midnight, 9781250044617 Eternal: Shadow Falls: After Dark, 9781250067098 Unspoken: Shadow Falls: After Dark, 9781250012890 Chosen at Nightfall, 9781250011916 Whispers of Moonrise and 9781250066954 Shadow Falls The Next Chapter: Taken at Dusk and Whispers at Moonrise,
What would you do if your whole life was a lie and learning the truth could cost you your life?
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