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How To Be H.O.T.: Your Guide to Becoming Happy, Open and Trusting in Your Relationships

Christal Fuentes

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01 Oct 2016
176 pages - 228 x 187 x 10mm

There’s always room for growth and with the H.O.T program, you’ll get to the core of what’s driving you and stopping you from achieving your goals, and that you can choose to be happy, open and trusting. Set goals and achieve them with Christal’s easy-to-follow plan. Christal will guide you to identify your internal barriers and release your ideal version of yourself through questionnaires, worksheets and open-ended questions. This book helps create your realest self, through valuing your values, identifying your feelings and learning ways to improve on all your relationships, especially the one with yourself.

Don’t settle for lukewarm when you deserve to be H.O.T.

Master the art of your relationships to succeed in life with the help of Christal Fuentes and her H.O.T self-help program for women in their twenties.

Identify your problems, structure your life’s meaning and establish goals to work towards your ideal self through this self-improvement journey, developed by Christal Fuentes, founder of theladiescoach.com.

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