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Hope in the Holler

Lisa Lewis Tyre

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jun 2019
240 pages - 198 x 130 x 14mm


Right before Wavie’s mother died, she gave Wavie a list of instructions to help her find her way in life, including this one: Be brave, Wavie B! You got as much right to a good life as anybody, so find it! But little did Wavie’s mom know that events would conspire to bring Wavie back to Conley Hollow, the Appalachian hometown her mother tried to leave behind. Now Wavie’s back in the Holler - and in the clutches of a dastardly aunt. Living with uncaring relatives is no picnic, but Wavie finds real joy in the beauty of the mountains and sleeping in her mother’s childhood bed. She takes her mother’s advice to heart, making friends with Camille and Gilbert - funny, kindhearted kids her aunt calls “neighborhood no accounts.” And when Wavie learns a shocking family secret, it is their support that just might allow her to be brave enough to find - and grab - a piece of that good life.
Hope in The Holler 9780399546310 (Hardback)
A poignant - and funny - story of a girl trying to be brave and find her place in the world after she’s sent to live with scheming relatives, perfect for fans of One for the Murphys.
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