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Girls Und Panzer Vol. 4

Girls Und Panzer Projekt, Ryouichi Saitaniya

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01 Jul 2015
Seven Seas
180 pages - 171 x 106 x 15mm


Miho Nishizumi, a new transfer student to Ooarai All-Girls High School, would like nothing more than to enjoy a peaceful, stress-free school life. Unfortunately, her new school just revived its tankery program and enlists Miho to put together a team so that they may compete in a national tournament.

As Miho struggles to overcome her turbulent past with tanks, she must first learn to tread lightly with her eccentric companions. Can Miho possibly plow through the challenges and master the art of tankery, or will she get left behind in the dust?

9781626920569 Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1, 9781626920644 Girls Und Panzer, vol. 2, 9781626921016 Girls Und Panzer Vol. 3

The explosive conclusion to the manga series about girls and their tanks

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