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Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad

Thomas Gordon

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01 Apr 2012
784 pages - 156 x 235mm

In the secret world of spies and covert operations, no other intelligence service continues to be as surrounded by myth and mystery as the Mossad. Gideon’s Spies reveals that all too often the truth exceeds all the fantasies about the Mossad.

Revised and updated for 2012, this new edition includes:

• The story of how the Mossad assassinated the Hamas terror Commander in Dubai in 2010 and the role of MI6 in the assassination

• A look inside the modern Mossad training school • The departure of long-serving Mossad chief Meir Dagan, replaced by Tamir Pardo

• How the Mossad failed to provide the intelligence for the infamous “flotilla” attack on ships carrying food to Gaza

• The unresolved murder of a Mossad spy in London

9780312539016 (5th Edition)

GORDON THOMAS is a bestselling author of forty books published worldwide. He has firmly established himself as a leading expert on the often sinister, but always compelling world of secret intelligence.

Israel’s secret intelligence agency

A revised and updated edition of this bestselling, classic history of the Mossad

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