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Get It Together for College, 3rd Edition: A Planner to Help You Get Organized and Get In

College Board

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01 Aug 2015
240 pages - 237 x 191 x 20mm

Completely updated for the redesigned SAT and current college application procedures, this planner covers everything from how to look for colleges to what to take to the dorm. Checklists, timelines, and FAQs are presented in a practical, quick, and easy format that helps students relieve stress and take control of the process. Features: • complete junior-senior year calendar showing what to do and when to do it • tips on how social networks and smart phone apps can make the process easier • best ways to prepare for college admission tests • how to put an art portfolio together, or prepare for a music audition • step-by-step walk-through of the new FAFSA financial aid form • how to get recommendations • journal pages for campus visits and college fairs.

Students and parents recognize the College Board and its website, collegeboard.com, as providers of clear, easy-to-use tools for college planning. More than two million students visit collegeboard.com each month.

9780874479744 Get It Together for College (previous edition)

Students say the hardest part of applying to college is just getting organized and staying on top of all the forms, requirements, and deadlines. This revised edition of Get It Together for College helps students do just that.

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