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Foot Care Handbook: Natural Therapies and Remedies for Healthy, Pain-Free Feet

Stephanie L. Tourles

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Paperback (BC)
07 Feb 2022
144 pages - 178 x 155 x 8mm


In Foot Care Handbook, best-selling author, herbalist, and certified foot reflexologist Stephanie Tourles sets out to help readers experience the feel-good benefits of healthy, happy feet. Along with natural remedies for common foot problems — including athlete’s foot, blisters, bunions, corns, cracked skin, and plantar fasciitis — she explains foot physiology for the layperson and provides exercises for stretching and strengthening feet, massage techniques for foot relaxation and restoration, and reflexology. Friendly, accessible, and empowering, this guide gives readers the tools and information they need for feeling better on — and about — their feet.
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The number of people who experience foot pain is on the rise, and it’s been shown that those plagued by chronic foot pain are more likely to have pain in other parts of their body.
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