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A Five Little Monkeys Story

Five Little Monkeys Get Ready for Bed: (touch-and-feel tabbed board book)

Eileen Christelow

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Board book (BH)
01 Jun 2019
Houghton Mifflin
14 pages - 203 x 228 x 4mm
A Five Little Monkeys Story


It's bedtime for Five Little Monkeys - but they have a lot to do to get ready! Look at those faces covered in sticky spaghetti sauce! Into the tub - splish splash. Put on some soft pajamas, and don't forget to brush those teeth. Then it's time for a story and sweet dreams - but the five little monkeys have another idea! Little fingers can touch the sticky, soft, and furry elements throughout the book, and easily help turn the tabbed pages as they follow the Five Little Monkeys in a bedtime routine that is both familiar and full of surprises!
FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS SITTING TREE 9780544083530 (Board Book), FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS BIRTHDAY CAKE 9780544084599 (Board Book), FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS WASH THE CAR 9780544302365 (Board Book), FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED 9780547510750 (Board Book), 9780547896915 (Hardback) and FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS TRICK-OR-TREAT 9781328869272 (Paperback)
Cuddle up with the best-selling Five Little Monkeys as they get sticky, splashy, and snuggly preparing for bedtime in this touch-and-feel tabbed board book.
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