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Fire Your Gym! Simplified High-intensity Workouts You Can Do at Home: An 8-week Program-fewer Injuries, Better Results

Andy Petranek, Roy Wallack

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01 Aug 2013
Page Street Publishing
192 pages - 279 x 216mm

Andy Petranek, founder of one of the most successful CrossFit gyms, offers his own simplified, high-intensity program for people who are intimidated by programs like Body Beast or who want a change of pace from gruelling CrossFit systems. Andy uses new exercise innovations, smart recovery methods, flexibility training and stretching as well as new motivation tactics to give people an easier but effective program they can do at home.

The book presents an 8-week fitness regime for reaching peak performance. Andy personally leads the way with photographs showing exactly how to do each exercise, the correct technique for avoiding injuries, and how to get the best results. Andy’s gym has one of the highest retention rates, and his motivational technique, which he calls the Whole Life Challenge, runs throughout the book.

Andy, himself, is a product of his program. He’s an ex-marine turned extreme athlete. He also completed in four Eco Challenges, an expedition regarded as the most extreme test of physical skills and mental tenacity. Roy Wallack met and covered Andy when they competed in an Eco Challenge together in 1995. He is a key authority in the fitness world and truly believes that this system is the best there is.

Andy is a nationally-known CrossFit trainer/gym owner, extreme athlete, and U.S. Marine. His renowned CrossFit LA has a six-month waiting list. Roy Wallack is an extreme athlete and the fitness columnist for the Los Angeles Times. His articles have appeared in "Outside" magazine, "Men's Journal," "Runner's World," "Muscle and Fitness" and many other top publications.

Two top and high profile fitness authorities present an easy to follow 8-week program that reduces injuries, increases sustainability and produces amazing results.

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