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Bring Me Their Hearts

Find Me Their Bones

Sara Wolf

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Paperback (BC)
01 Dec 2020
Macmillan [1570]
400 pages - 211 x 137 x 26mm
Bring Me Their Hearts


No one can save her. In order to protect Prince Lucien d’Malvane’s heart, Zera had to betray him. Now, he hates her. Trapped in a tower as a prisoner of the king, she awaits the inevitable moment her witch severs their magical connection and kills her. Or so she thinks. With freedom coming from the most unlikely of sources, Zera is given a second chance at life as a Heartless. But it comes with a price. As the king mobilizes his army to march against the witches, Zera must sway the elusive valkerax underneath the city to her cause. Winning over a thousand blood thirsty valkerax? Hard. Winning back her friends before war breaks out? A little harder. But a Heartless winning back Lucien's heart? The hardest thing she’s ever done.
Bring Me Their Hearts 9781640631465 (Hardback), 9781640635289 (Paperback), Lovely Vicious 9781633752290 (Paperback), Find Me Their Bones 9781640633759 (Hardback),
Fast-paced, endlessly romantic, and answering fans’ questions while posing exciting new ones, the sequel to Sara Wolf’s Bring Me Their Hearts is a tour de force.
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