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Fighting for Freedom: A Salute to the Troops with John Wayne

Editors of the Official John Wayne Magazine

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01 Jul 2016
208 pages - 241 x 177 x 20mm


Duke brought to life some of cinema's most memorable soldiers, from Sands of Iwo Jima's John Stryker to The Longest Day's Lt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort. These classic characters not only entertained a nation but inspired some of America's greatest heroes for generations to come. We speak with members of today's military about how John Wayne and his films stand as a paragon for patriotic service and what it means to be a good soldier. We also look back at John Wayne's contribution to USO and his relationship and correspondence with well-known military leaders.

This is a behind the scenes look at how John Wayne's films told Americans, stories of their heroes in uniform and at the same time how he worked to inspire those in uniform. His patriotism and support of the troops make him as relative now as it did then.

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