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Eyelike Stickers

Eyelike Stickers: Ocean

Workman Publishing

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Stickers (PP)
01 Dec 2011
203 x 254mm
Eyelike Stickers

Sunken pirate ships, colossal Killer Whales, and friendly dolphins decorate each page, as bright seashells and hermit crabs will make beachgoers feel like they are back at the shore! Explore the uncharted waters of the deep, where electric jellyfish and hungry sharks feast, and colourful coral reefs paint the ocean floor. Who knows? You might even discover a pirate treasure or two. Just flips the pages and dive right in!

There are 400 photo-real, reusable stickers plus glossy, illustrated inside covers that can be decorated with stickers again and again - so get ready to create your own ocean scenes!

9780761169338 Eyelike Stickers: Animals
9781602140820 Eyelike Stickers: On the Farm
9780761169369 Eyelike Stickers: In the Garden
9780761169345 Eyelike Stickers: Bugs

Kids of all ages will love using these bright, colourful stickers to transform classrooms, notebooks, windows, greeting cards - you name it - into their own works of art! Packed with 400 reusable full colour stickers.

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