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Eyelike Stickers

Eyelike Stickers: Christmas

Workman Publishing

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Stickers (PP)
01 Sep 2015
12 pages - 264 x 228 x 5mm
Eyelike Stickers


It’s the perfect themed gift for Christmas—a way to spread joy throughout the season (and decorate those table place cards on the big day). And an even better pre-holiday gift, with its 400 irresistible, collectible, reusable stickers to put on presents, dress up gift and greeting cards, add to the family scrapbook, and so much more.

Ornaments and Santa hats, reindeer and beribboned puppies, trees to decorate, stockings to hang, presents to unwrap—every page of stickers captures the feeling of Christmas. Use them to decorate notebooks, cards, scrapbooks, crafts, party invitations, lunchboxes, even windows; create a lively scene on the book’s inside front and back covers—which double as glossy illustrated backgrounds—and change them up when the mood strikes.

9781602141278 Eyelike Christmas (previous edition), 9780761174844 Eyelike Dinosaurs, 9780761174837 Eyelike Baby Animals, 9780761179658 Eyelike Space

Revised with a fresh and delightfully Christmasy cover and with a whole new set of stickers inside, Eyelike Stickers: Christmas celebrates the most wonderful time of the year with high-quality, photographic images that are amazingly lifelike in colour and detail. The durable stickers are designed to be stuck on and peeled off over and over again without losing adhesive.

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