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Eyelike Stickers

Eyelike Stickers: Bugs

Workman Publishing

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Stickers (PP)
01 Dec 2011
203 x 254mm
Eyelike Stickers

Part of the bestselling EyeLike Stickers series, EyeLike Stickers: Bugs, packed with 400 reusable stickers, celebrates the autumn season with the creepiest, slimiest, and scariest objects found in nature. Brilliantly bold butterflies and bright ladybug stickers flutter around the pages with splashes of vibrant colours, while slimy worms and hairy tarantulas satisfy the ick factor that bug lovers crave! Glossy illustrations on the inside cover provide the perfect places to stick, re-stick, and store these durable, reusable stickers.

Kids of all ages will also love using the stickers to decorate bedrooms, classrooms, scrapbooks, windows, and greeting cards.

Eyelike Stickers: Animals 9780761169338, Eyelike Stickers: On the Farm 9780761169369, Eyelike Stickers: Letters 9781602140530

This sticker book is loaded with 400 full colour, photographic, reusable insect-themed stickers for children to mix, match and trade.

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