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Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth

Jay Hosler

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01 Feb 2012
160 pages - 152 x 229mm

On the heels of explaining the intricacies of human genetics in The Stuff of Life, the intrepid alien scientist Bloort-183 has been charged with covering the wider story of the evolution of life on Earth. Join Bloort as he takes King Floorsh and his son through a whirlwind tour of millions of years of history, from Earth's primordial soup to the first forms of life, from the four conditions needed for natural selection to the evolution of modern humans. The Cambrian Explosion and the Permian Extinction, symbiosis, and speciation - all are rendered clear, concise, and fun!

Jay Hosler, a professor of biology at Juniata College and the author/illustrator of three graphic novels, lives in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon, the illustrators of numerous graphic novels and comic books, both live in Minneapolis.

Illustrated by the brilliant duo Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon, this volume is written by the noted comic author and professor of biology Jay Hosler.

"It is not often that the books I am asked to review go missing. After hours of searching, I found the arrant item, with the spine cracked, in my teenage son's room - an otherwise book-free zone. I can offer no higher recommendation...Every classroom should have this book." - New Scientist

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