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Alaska Wild

Dark Night

Paige Shelton

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Hardback (BB)
10 Jan 2022
Macmillan [1570]
288 pages - 236 x 155 x 25mm
Alaska Wild


Winter is falling in the remote town of Benedict, Alaska, and with the cold comes a mysterious guest. The dreaded 'census man,' seemingly innocuous, is an unwelcome presence to those members of this secretive community who would prefer to keep their business to themselves. Meanwhile, thriller writer Beth Rivers has received her own unexpected company: her mother. The last Beth heard, Mill Rivers had gone underground in the lower forty-eight, in search of Beth’s kidnapper, and Beth can't help but be a little alarmed at her appearance: If Mill was able to track down her daughter, who knows who else might be able to? Beth doesn't have time to ponder this for long, after a battered woman stumbles into the town bar one night, and her husband is found dead the next morning. Suspicions immediately turn to the census man, but when he, too, goes missing, everyone in Benedict - including the police chief - is suspected, and Beth and Mill must work to uncover the truth.
The Cracked Spine 9781250057488 (Paperback) and 9781250118226 (Paperback). Of Books and Bagpipes 9781250057495 (Hardback) and 9781250136503 (Paperback). Lost Books, Old Bones 9781250127792 (Hardback), 9781250191113 (Paperback), The Loch Ness Papers 9781250127815 (Hardback), 9781250252364 (Paperback), Thin Ice 9781250295217 (Hardback), 9781250766090 (Paperback), Cold Wind 9781250295316 (Hardback), The Stolen Letter 9781250203878 (Hardback), 9781250203892 (Paperback), Deadly Editions 9781250203908 (Hardback)
The third book in the gripping, atmospheric Alaska Wild series, in which Benedict, Alaska is met with some unexpected visitors… and then disappearances.
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