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Creating Rain Gardens: Capturing the Rain for Your Own Water-efficient Garden

Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, Apryl Uncapher

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12 Apr 2012
Timber Press
208 pages - 205 x 230mm

It’s time to stop letting our most precious resource slip into the public drainage system. Instead of sending rain down the drain to become polluted and get swept into our lakes and other waterways, you can harvest it from your roof and redirect it to your own backyard. Rain gardens act as big sponges that capture and hold storm water runoff so it can be absorbed back into the soil of your garden. Rain gardens are also beautiful habitats for birds and insects, making your garden hum with nature.

Water conservation experts Cleo Woelfle-Erskine and Apryl Uncapher walk you through the process of designing and building swales, French drains, rain gardens, and ephemeral ponds—the building blocks of rain gardens. Providing step-by-step instructions for rain barrels, simple living roofs, permeable patios, and planters that harvest runoff from the street, this rich handbook explains how to weave these elements into your current garden for maximum benefits.

Cleo Woelfle-Erskine is a hydrologist, educator and scholar of water and has written on dam removal, environmental justice, and urban gardening. Apryl Uncapher is an ecological designer who has consulted on integrative stormwater management and water recycling projects for over a decade.

From soil preparation, planting, troubleshooting and maintenance to selecting palettes of water-loving plants that provide four-season interest and a habitat for wildlife, the authors cover everything you need to create a beautiful rain garden at home.

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