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Cool Castles

Sean Kenney

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01 Sep 2013
32 pages - 208 x 258 x 4mm

Sean Kenney takes on the medieval world of castles, knights, and dragons!

The "Castle" series is one of the strongest selling brands in the LEGO line. Sean Kenney highlights medieval castles and the knights who stand guard and keep the castles shipshape. There is also a spread featuring a joust and a battle with a dragon! LEGO adventurers will love this new offering.

Cool City 9780805087628, Cool Robots 9780805087635, Cool Cars and Trucks 9780805087611

Sean Kenney likes to prove you can build anything with LEGO bricks. He makes sculptures and models out of LEGO at his studio in New York City, and is recognized as one of the premier LEGO brick builders in the world. Sean is the creator of Cool Cars and Trucks, Cool Robots and Cool City

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