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Circular Knitting Workshop: Essential Techniques to Master Knitting in the Round

Margaret Radcliffe

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01 Apr 2012
Storey Publishing
320 pages - 216 x 276mm


More knitters than ever are using circular needles and enjoying the convenience, ease, and efficiency of knitting in the round.

Circular Knitting Workshop teaches every aspect of circular knitting, and it empowers knitters of all levels to discover the satisfaction of knitting in the round. Circular knitting has many benefits, including making it easier to follow charts (with the right-side of the work always facing the knitter) and eliminating the need for seams.

Margaret Radcliffe, author of The Knitting Answer Book (165,000 copies in print), is a master teacher. She presents Fair Isle, twined, helix, tubular, and other classic techniques in detailed step-by-step photographic sequences. Thirty-five demonstration projects let readers try out each new technique on a mini-version of a sock, hat, bag, mitten, sweater, or vest before applying it to a larger project. Radcliffe also shows readers how to convert patterns written for straight needles to circular.

Whether they're looking for a quick answer to a specific problem or a complete course in knitting in the round, knitters of all levels and interests will find Circular Knitting Workshop to be just what they need.

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