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Buenos Aires: The Biography of a City

James Gardner

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01 Jan 2016
272 pages - 236 x 155 x 25mm

Buenos Aires, recognized for its European-style architecture and lively theatre scene, is a truly special place. The second-largest city in South America, it has been the home of such renowned cultural and historical figures as Jorge Luis Borges and Astor Piazzola, Che Guevara and Eva Peron. Like every truly great city, New York, London and Prague; Buenos Aires is its own universe, with its own centre of gravity, its own scents and flavours, its own architectural signature, in short, its own way of being. From San Telmo's oak-paneled restaurants and brightly tiled apothecaries from 1900, and the phantasmagoric Beaux Arts palaces along Avenida Alvear and Plaza San Martin, to the parks of Palermo and the bustling bars and cafes along Corrientes and LaValle, Buenos Aires is steeped in exotic culture and history.

In Buenos Aires, Art and culture critic James Gardner offers a colourful biography of the "Paris of the South," from its origins and time as a colonial city, through its Golden age, the rise of Peron, and the Falklands War, to the present day. With entertaining asides about art, architecture, literature, food and dance, as well as local customs and colourful personalities, this is a rich and unique historical narrative of Buenos Aires.

A colourful and entertaining account of Buenos Aires, one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world, and a major tourist destination.

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