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Betty Crocker Snacks: Easy Ways to Satisfy Your Cravings

Betty Crocker

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Paperback (BC)
01 Apr 2021
Houghton Mifflin
288 pages - 228 x 203 x 18mm


When life gets too busy to sit down and have a meal, it's tough to come up with anything that's quick, easy, and completely satiating. Betty Crocker Snacks is filled with ideas for quick and inventive treats, both savory and sweet, that can come about even in the tightest of schedules and still deliver on fun and taste. This compendium of grazing goodies is organised by time spent in the kitchen - from 30 minutes to an astonishing 10 minutes. For a super-quick breakfast, Iced Oat 'Milk' Chai Latte or a Cold-Brew Yogurt Pop takes the same amount of time as hitting the snooze button. A friend coming over last minute? Throw together Oven-Baked Curry Chicken Taquitos or Mediterranean Watermelon Fries with Creamy Feta Dip in less time than it takes to boil an egg. And before you finish a TV episode, have Spinach-Feta Naan Pizzas and Italian Carrot 'Fries' ready on the table. Fun features help you customise your favorite bites, like energy balls, and teach you how to make your own oat milk.
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Whip together a treat, savoury or sweet, to satisfy your cravings, with 125 effortless Betty Crocker Kitchens-approved recipes.
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