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Robert Fitzpatrick, Jon Land

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01 Feb 2012
320 pages - 156 x 235mm

The Jack Nicholson film, The Departed, didn’t tell half their story. A poor kid from the slums, Robert Fitzpatrick grew up to become a stellar FBI agent and challenge the country’s deadliest gangsters. Relentless in his desire to catch, prosecute, and convict Whitey Bulger, Fitzpatrick fought the nation’s most determined cop-gangster battle since Melvin Purvis hunted, confronted, and killed John Dillinger.

But in his crusade to bring Bulger to justice, Fitzpatrick not only faced Whitey but also his corrupted FBI cohorts and political cronies. Even when Fitzpatrick discovered that his biggest obstacle was his own FBI, the agent continued to pursue Whitey and his gang…knowing that they were prepared to murder anyone who got in their way.

ROBERT FITZPATRICK spent twenty-plus years as an FBI agent and chief in a career highlighted by his involvement in the Martin Luther King, Jr. killing and the ABSCAM investigation in Miami that resulted in the indictments of numerous public officials. He played a key role in the famed "Mississippi Burning" investigation and recovered the rifle that was used in the MLK assassination and that ultimately led to the arrest of James Earl Ray.

JON LAND is the critically acclaimed author of thirty novels, including the bestselling series featuring female Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong: "Strong Enough to Die, ""Strong Justice, " and "Strong at the Break." He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Whitey Bulger was the most hated, feared, and powerful gang lord in the U.S.… Robert Fitzpatrick was the FBI agent sworn to bring him down….

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