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Are You Experienced?

Jordan Sonnenblick

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01 Jan 2016
320 pages - 210 x 139 x 20mm

When Rich's girlfriend asks him to play at a local protest, he jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, the police show up, and so does his dad. What's worse, this happens near the anniversary of his uncle's death. Whenever Rich asks questions about his uncle, his dad shuts down.

Rich sneaks into his father's office to get a guitar signed by Jimi Hendrix, one of his dad's most prized possessions. Before he knows it, Rich is on the side of a road and a beautiful girl in a tie-dye shirt is bending over him. It's 1969, he's at Woodstock, and the girl's band of friends includes his dad as a 15-year-old, and his uncle, who is still alive.

What Rich learns could change his life forever..........

Rich accidentally travels back in time to his dad's youth during Woodstock and witnesses a tragic event.

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