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Amazing Area Mazes: 70 Race-the-Clock Puzzles for Budding Math Wizards

Naoki Inaba

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Paperback (BC)
01 Oct 2019
96 pages - 254 x 178 x 4mm


The first book of area mazes for kids: Race the clock to solve 70 fun puzzles with grade-school arithmetic - and genius logic! Welcome, brave math wizard, to the world of area mazes. These clever arrangements of squares and rectangles are more than what meets the eye. Can you find your way from the given values to the missing one =- using only whole numbers and your powers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide? Absolutely no fractions or equations are required (or allowed)! Too easy? Race the clock! Puzzle master Naoki Inaba has included “good,” “great,” and “amazing” time targets for every puzzle. Just be warned . . . the puzzles get harder and harder as you go!
Race the clock to solve 70 fun puzzles that require only basic arithmetic - but stretch creative thinking to the limit!
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