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A Field Guide to Redheads: An illustrated Celebration

Elizabeth Graeber

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01 Oct 2016
160 pages - 177 x 127 x 8mm

A charming, quirky, and utterly unique gift book with more than 100 portraits of famous historical, contemporary, factual, and fictional bearers of red hair: Queen Elizabeth I, Lucille Ball, Vincent van Gogh, Erik the Red, Louis C. K., Willie Nelson, Galileo Galilei, Elton John, Henri Matise, Tom Wolfe, Wilma Flintstone, David Bowie, Anne of Green Gables, Mario Batali, Sylvia Plath, Yosemith Sam, and many more. Includes brief biographical notes and redheaded related themes (freckles, sunburn), facts (redheads are more likely to be left handed because of recessive traits), patterns (a redheaded rainbow, strands of red hair), recipes (Rob Roy cocktail, ginger carrot soup), and other playful and enchanting oddments.

An utterly charming illustrated gift book celebrating all things redhead by redheaded artist Elizabeth Graeber, described by Refinery29 as an "up and coming artist to start collecting now."

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