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Saga of Recluce

From the Forest

L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

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Hardback (BB)
12 Feb 2024
Macmillan [1570]
464 pages - 236 x 155 x 58mm
Saga of Recluce


Alayiakal, who will one day be known by many names - not all of them flattering - has to climb the ranks of Cyador’s Mirror Lancers, fighting against unforeseen weapons and ancient technology. Alayiakal, however, has secrets of his own to protect: his ties to the Great Forest and his magus abilities. He must silently pretend to be a conventional soldier favoured by fate - until that very same fate forces him to choose.
Order War, The 9780765399380, Treachery's Tools 9780765385406, 9780765385413, Isolate 9781250777409, 9781250777423, Fairhaven Rising 9781250265197, 9781250265203, Councilor 9781250814456, 9781250814470, Contrarian 9781250847010, Imager's Challenge 9780765360908, Imager's Intrigue 9780765364654, Scholar 9780765367716, Imager's Battalion 9780765369253, Antiagon Fire 9780765369987, Rex Regis 9780765370907, Cyador's Heirs 9780765374783, Madness in Solidar 9780765379863, Heritage of Cyador 9780765381903, Solar Express 9780765381965, Recluce Tales 9780765386205, Assassin's Price 9780765390486, The Mongrel Mage 9780765394699, Outcast of Order 9781250172563, The Magic of Recluce 9781250197948, The Magic Engineer 9781250197979, The Towers of the Sunset 9781250197986, Endgames 9781250293657, Isolate 9781250777409, 9781250777423
L. E. Modesitt, Jr. continues the Saga of Recluce, the long-running, best-selling epic fantasy series. From the Forest follows the early life of a man known by many names depending on who you ask - hero, tyrant, emperor.
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